Research Area 2 – Members

(in alphabetic order)
Acosta Navarro, Juan-Camilo ACES Juan-Camilo.acosta[at]
• Ahlm, Lars ACES lars.ahlm[at]
Andersson, August ACES august.andersson[at]
Belusic, Danijel SMHI danijel.belusic[at]
• Bender, Frida (CL) MISU frida[at]
Bengtsson, Lisa SMHI lisa.bengtsson[at]
Bourgeois, Quentin MISU quentin.bourgeois[at]
Brakebusch, Matthias ACES Matthias.Brakebusch[at]
Brandt, Lucas KTH luca[at]
Brethouwer, Geert KTH/Mechanics geert[at]
Burgos, Maria ACES maria.burgos[at]
Crljenica, Ivica ACES ivica.crljenica[at]
Dalirian, Maryam ACES maryam.dalirian[at]
Devasthale, Abhay SMHI abhay.devasthale[at]
Dimitrelos, Antonios MISU antonios.dimitrelos[at]
Ekman, Annica MISU annica[at]
Fitch, Anna MISU anna.fitch[at]
Frey, Lena MISU lena.frey[at]
Glantz, Paul ACES paul.glantz[at]
Grythe, Henrik MISU gumbel[at]
Gumbel, Jörg MISU gumbel[at]
Gustafsson, Örjan ACES orjan.gustafsson[at]
Hamacher-Barth, Evelyne MISU evelyne[at]
Hamburger, Thomas ACES toh[at]
Hansson, Margareta NG margareta.hansson[at]
Hansson, HC ACES hc[at]
Hartung, Kerstin MISU kerstin.hartung[at]
Hedin, Jonas MISU jhedi[at]
Hendrickx, Koen MISU koen.hendrickx[at]
Henningson, Dan KTH henning[at]
Holmstrand, Henry ACES henry.holmstrand[at]
Höpner, Friederike MISU friederike[at]
Ibanescu, Iulia MISU iulia[at]
Ickes, Luisa MISU luisa.ickes[at]
Jansen, Joachim IGV joachim.jansen[at]
Johansson, Arne KTH johansson[at]
Johansson, Erik SMHI erik.johansson[at]
Julin, Jan ACES jan.julin[at]
Karlsson, Bodil MISU bodil[at]
Krejci, Radovan ACES radek[at]
Kuilman, Maartje MISU maartje.kuilman[at]
Körnich, Heiner SMHI/MISU Heiner.Kornich[at]
Latvala, Siiri ACES siiri.latvala[at]
Lazeroms, Werner KTH/Mechanics werner[at]
Leck, Caroline MISU lina[at]
Leung, Wing MISU wing[at]
Lewinschall, Anna MISU anna.lewinschal[at]
Li, Xiang-Yu MISU/KTH[at]
Lind, Petter SMHI, Rossby Centre petter.lind[at]
Lindstedt, David SMHI david.lindstedt[at]
Lindvall, Jenny MISU lindvall[at]
Lowe, Samuel ACES samuel.lowe[at]
Mashayekhy Rad, Farshid MISU farshid[at]
Megner, Linda MISU linda[at]
Merkulova, Lena ACES latah48[at]
Mohammad, Rezwan IGV rezwan.mohammad[at]
Mohr, Claudia ACES claudia.mohr[at]
Nilsson, Douglas ACES douglas.nilsson[at]
Noone, Kevin ACES zippy[at]
Nygren, Eva MISU eva.nygren[at]
Olenius, Tinja ACES tinja.olenius[at]
Pouransari, Zeinab KTH zeinab[at]
Prytherch, John MISU john.prytherch[at]
Rastak, Narges ACES narges.rastak[at]
Riipinen, Ilona ACES ilona.riipinen[at]
Rodhe, Henning MISU rodhe[at]
• Salter, Matt (CL) ACES matthew.salter[at]
Sedlar, Joe SMHI joseph.sedlar[at]
Seigel, Karolina MISU karolina.seigel[at]
Schlesinger, Daniel ACES daniel.schlesinger[at]
Skoko, Ines MISU ines.skoko[at]
Sotiropoulou, Geogia MISU georgia[at]
Ström, Johan ACES johan.strom[at]
Svensson, Gunilla MISU gunilla[at]
Tjernström, Michael MISU michael[at]
Tunved, Peter ACES peter.tunved[at]
von Schoenberg, Pontus ACES pontus.von.schoenberg[at]
Wallin, Stefan KTH stefanw[at]
Wideqvist, Ulla ACES ulla.wideqvist[at]
Willén, Ulrika SMHI ulrika.willen[at]
Winiger, Patrik ACES patrik.winiger[at]
Zieger, Paul ACES paul.zieger[at]
Öhrström, Agneta MISU agneta[at]


ACES – Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry
CL – Co-Leader
DEEP – Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Science
EAPS – Earth Atmospheric Planetary Sciences

IGV – Department of Geological Sciences
IIES –  Institute for International Economic Studies
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
Leeds – Institute for Climate & Atmospheric Science, School of Earth & Environment, University of Leeds, Leeds
MISU – Department of Meteorology

NG – Department of Physical geography
NRM – The Swedish Museum of Natural History
SH – Södertörns University
SMHI – Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

SU – Stockholm University
Zootis– Department of Zoology


Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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