Research Area 3 – Members

(in alphabetic order)
Berg, Peter SMHI peter.berg[at]
• Bring, Arvid (CL) NG arvid.bring[at]
Brown, Ian NG ian.brown[at]
Chakrawal, Arjun NG arjun.chakrawal[at]
Dahlgren Strååt, Kim ACES kim.dahlgren.straat[at]
Dessirier, Benoit UU benoit.dessirier[at]
Destouni, Georgia NG georgia.destouni[at]
Frampton, Andrew NG andrew.frampton[at]
Geibel, Marc Baltic Sea Centre marc.geibel[at]
Goldenberg, Romain NG romain.goldenberg[at]
gordon, line Resilience Centre line.gordon[at]
Gustafsson, Örjan ACES orjan.gustafsson[at]
Hansson, Margareta NG Margareta.Hansson[at]
Harbor, Jon EAPS jharbor[at]
Hedlund, Johanna Resilience Centre johanna.hedlund[at]
Hirst, Catherine NRM catherine.hirst[at]
Jaramillo, Fernando NG fernando.jaramillo[at]
Jarsjö, Jerker NG jerker.jarsjo[at]
Kari, Elina DEEP elina.kari[at]
Kalantari, Zahra KTH zahrak[at]
Koutsouris, Alexander NG alexander.koutsouris[at] 
Lam, Norris NG norris.lam[at]
Levi, Lea KTH/NG llevi[at]
Lyon, Steve NG steve.lyon[at] 
Mansanarez, Valentin NG valentin.mansanarez[at]
Manzoni, Stefano NG stefano.manzoni[at]
Mazi, Ekaterini NG ekaterini.mazi[at]
Mbanguka, Rene NG rene.mbanguka[at]
Mohammad, Rezwan IGV rezwan.mohammad[at]
Mohr, Claudia ACES claudia.mohr[at]
Mörth, Carl-Magnus IGV magnus.morth[at]
Norberg, Jon Resilience Centre jon.norberg[at]
Palmtag, Juri NG juri.palmtag[at]
Panagiotopoulou, Dimitra NG dimitra.panagiotopoulou[at]
Pannetier, Romain NG Romain.Pannetier[at]
Pesquet, Edouard DEEP edouard.pesquet[at]
Pietron, Jan NG Jan.Pietron[at]
Prieto, Carmen NG carmen.prieto[at]
Prytherch, John MISU john.prytherch[at]
Riipinen, Ilona ACES ilona.riipinen[at]
Ring, Uwe IGV uwe.ring[at]
Rosqvist, Ninis Gunhild NG gunhild.rosqvist[at]
Sannel, Britta NG britta.sannel[at]
Schellens, Marie NG marie.schellens[at]
Sjöberg, Ylva NG ylva.sjoberg[at]
• Soerensen, Anne (CL) ACES anne.soerensen[at]
Sparrow, Kathryn ACES Kathryn.Sparrow[at]
Thorslund Eriksson, Josefin NG josefin.thorslund[at]
Tollefsen, Elin IGV elin.tollefsen[at]
Varhelyi, Aron IGV aron.varhelyi[at]
Verrot, Lucille NG lucile.verrot[at]
Vigouroux, Guillaume NG guillaume.vigouroux[at]
Wang, Lan SRC[at]
Weiss, Niels NG niels.weiss[at]
Wåhlström, Iréne SMHI irene.wahlstrom[at]
Åhlén, Imenne NG imenne.ahlen[at]
Åkesson, Henning IGV



ACES – Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry
CL – Co-Leader
DEEP – Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Science
EAPS – Earth Atmospheric Planetary Sciences

IGV – Department of Geological Sciences
IIES –  Institute for International Economic Studies
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
Leeds – Institute for Climate & Atmospheric Science, School of Earth & Environment, University of Leeds, Leeds
MISU – Department of Meteorology

NG – Department of Physical geography
NRM – The Swedish Museum of Natural History
Resilience Centre – Stockholm Resilience Centre
SRC Stockholm Resilience Centre
SH – Södertörns University
SMHI – Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

SU – Stockholm University
UU – Uppsala University
Zootis – Department of Zoology


Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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