Research Area 4 – Members

(in alphabetic order)
Ahmed, Engy IGV engy.ahmed[at]
Andersson, August ACES august.andersson[at]
Bayer, Tina ACES tina.bayer[at]
• Beer, Christian (CL) ACES[at]
Blenckner, Thorsten Resilience Centre thorsten.blenckner[at]
Bolinius, Dämien ACES damien.bolinius[at]
Bonaglia, Stefano IGV stefano.bonaglia[at]
Brakebusch, Matthias ACES Matthias.Brakebusch[at]
Bring, Arvid NG arvid.bring[at]
Bröder, Lisa ACES lisa.broder[at]
• Brüchert, Volker (CL) IGV volker.bruchert[at]
Chakrawal, Arjun NG arjun.chakrawal[at]
Crill, Patrick IGV patrick.crill[at]
Dahlgren Strååt, Kim ACES kim.dahlgren.straat[at]
Dasari, Sanjeev Babu ACES sanjeev.dasari[at]
Destouni, Georgia NG georgia.destouni[at]
Deutsch, Barbara ACES barbara.deutsch[at]
Downing, Andrea Resilience Centre andrea.downing[at]
Fetzer, Ingo Resilience Centre ingo.fetzer[at]
Frampton, Andrew NG andrew.frampton[at]
Fransner, Filippa MISU filippa[at]
Fredriksson, Jonas IGV jonas.teddy.fredriksson[at]
Freire, Francis SGU francis.freire[at]
Gdaniec, Sandra NRM/IGV sandra.gdaniec[at]
Geibel, Marc Baltic Sea Centre marc.geibel[at]
Gustafsson, Örjan ACES orjan.gustafsson[at]
Gyllencreutz, Richard IGV richard.gyllencreutz[at]
Hansson, Margareta NG Margareta.Hansson[at]
Hieronymus, Jenny MISU jennyh[at]
Hirst, Catherine NRM catherine.hirst[at]
Holmstrand, Henry ACES henry.holmstrand[at]
Holzkämper, Steffen NG steffen.holzkaemper[at]
• Hugelius, Gustaf (CL) NG gustaf.hugelius[at]
Humborg, Christoph ACES christoph.humborg[at]
Ivansson, Milena ACES milena.miska[at]
Jaramillo, Fernando NG fernando.jaramillo[at]
Kari, Elina DEEP elina.kari[at]
Kuhry, Peter NG peter.kuhry[at]
Kyryliuk, Dmytro DEEP dmytro.kyryliuk[at]
Lade, Steven Resilience Centre steven.lade[at]
Lang, Karl IGV karl.lang[at]
Levi, Lea KTH/NG llevi[at]
Lindgren, Amelie NG amelie.lindgren[at]
Lyon, Steve NG steve.lyon[at]
MacLeod, Matthew ACES matthew.macleod[at]
Manzoni, Stefano NG stefano.manzoni[at]
Martens, Jannik NG jannik.martens[at]
Meili, Markus ACES markus.meili[at]
Mohammad, Rezwan IGV rezwan.mohammad[at]
Mohr, Claudia ACES claudia.mohr[at]
Nilsson, Douglas ACES douglas.nilsson[at]
Noone, Kevin ACES zippy[at]
Novotny, Andreas DEEP andreas.novotny[at]
Nycander, Jonas MISU Jonas[at]
Palmtag, Juri NG juri.palmtag[at]
Pannetier, Romain NG Romain.Pannetier[at]
Pesquet, Edouard DEEP edouard.pesquet[at]
Porada, Philipp ACES philipp.porada[at]
Prytherch, John MISU john.prytherch[at]
Rattray, Jayne IGV jayne.rattray[at]
Riipinen, Ilona ACES ilona.riipinen[at]
Rodhe, Henning MISU rodhe[at]
Sannel, Britta NG britta.sannel[at]
Sawicka, Joanna IGV joanna.sawicka[at]
Schellens, Marie NG marie.schellens[at]
Seigel, Karolina MISU karolina.seigel[at]
Siewert, Matthias NG matthias.siewert[at] 
Skelton, Alasdair IGV alasdair.skelton[at]
Slodownik, Miriam Andrea IGV m.a.slodownik[at]
Smittenberg, Rienk IGV rienk.smittenberg[at]
Soerensen, Anne ACES Anne.Soerensen[at]
Sparrow, Kathryn ACES Kathryn.Sparrow[at]
Sundbom, Marcus ACES marcus.sundbom[at]
Thornton, Brett IGV brett.thornton[at]
Thurner, Martin ACES martin.thurner[at]
Tollefsen, Elin IGV elin.tollefsen[at]
Varhelyi, Aron IGV aron.varhelyi[at]
Vigouroux, Guillaume NG guillaume.vigouroux[at]
Weiss, Niels NG niels.weiss[at]
Wik, Martin IGV martin.wik[at]
Wild, Birgit ACES birgit.wild[at]
Winiger, Patrik ACES patrik.winiger[at]
Wåhlström, Iréne SMHI This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Yamoah, Afrifa Kweku Kyei IGV kweku.yamoah[at] 
Yi, Chuixiang MISU Chuixiang.Yi[at]
Zamora Terol, Sara DEEP szamoraterol[at]
Ödalen, Malin MISU malin.odalen[at]

ACES – Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry
CL – Co-Leader
DEEP – Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Science
EAPS – Earth Atmospheric Planetary Sciences

IGV – Department of Geological Sciences
IIES –  Institute for International Economic Studies
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
Leeds – Institute for Climate & Atmospheric Science, School of Earth & Environment, University of Leeds, Leeds
MISU – Department of Meteorology

NG – Department of Physical geography
NRM – The Swedish Museum of Natural History
Resilience Centre – Stockholm Resilience Centre
SGU The Geological Survey of Sweden
SH – Södertörns University
SMHI – Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

SU – Stockholm University
Zoology – Department of Zoology



Bolin Centre for Climate Research
A collaboration between Stockholm University, KTH and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute | Web administrator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.