Research Area 7 – Members

(in alphabetic order)
Abdelfattah, Ahmed DEEP ahmed.abdelfattah[at]
Adama, Onyanta KG onyanta.adama[at]
Aguiar, Ana Paula Resilience Centre anapaula.aguiar[at]
Alavaisha, Edmond NG/ Uni. Dar es Salaam edmond.alavaisha[at]
Aminjafari, Saeid NG saeed.aminjafari[at]
Andersson, Erik Resilience Centre erik.andersson[at]
Angerbjörn, Karin IGV karin.angerbjorn[at]
Ango, Tola Gemechu Dept. Human Geography tola.gemechu[at]
Armstrong McKay, David Resilience Centre david.armstrongmckay[at]
Avery, Rachael IGV rachael.avery[at]
Belyazid, Salim NG salim.belyazid[at]
Berg, Håkan NG hakan.berg[at]
Berkström, Charlotte DEEP charlotte.berkstrom[at]
Berntell, Ellen NG ellen.berntell[at]
Bhowmik, Avit K. Resilience Centre avit.bhowmik[at]
Bodin, Örjan Resilience Centre orjan.bodin[at]
Bolmgren, Kjell DEEP kjell.bolmgren[at]
Borja Quintero, Sonia Margarita NG sonia.borja[at]
Boskabadi, Arman IGV boskabadi[at]
Bring, Arvid NG arvid.bring[at]
Brown, Ian NG ian.brown[at]
Börjeson, Lowe KG Lowe.Borjeson[at]
Cerrattp Pargman, Teresa DSV tessy[at]
Chashchyna, Liza NG Liza.chashchyna[at]
Chibeya, Doubt NG chibeya[at]
Christiansen, Ditte Marie DEEP ditte.christiansen[at]
Cirtwill, Alyssa DEEP alyssa.cirtwill[at]
Clemenzi, Ilaria NG ilaria.clemenzi[at]
Cousins, Sara NG sara.cousins[at]
Dahl, Martin DEEP martin.dahl[at]
de Bont, Chris Dept. Human Geography[at]
de la Torre-castro, Maricela NG maricela[at]
Destouni, Georgia NG georgia.destouni[at]
Downing, Andrea Resilience Centre andrea.downing[at]
Dyer, Michelle Resilience Centre michelle.dyer[at]
Egerer, Claudia Dept. of English claudia.egerer[at]
Eklöf, Johan DEEP johan.eklof[at]
Elmhagen, Bodil Zootis bodil.elmhagen[at]
Eriksson, Victor NG v.eriksson89[at]
Faticov, Maria DEEP maria.faticov[at]
Fetzer, Ingo Resilience Centre ingo.fetzer[at]
Fielding, Matthew SEI/SU matthew.fielding[at]
Fischer, Benjamin NG benjamin.fischer[at]
Frampton, Andrew  NG andrew.frampton[at]
Franzén, Daniel KTH, SEED dfranz[at]
Gdaniec, sandra NRM, IGV This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ghajarnia, Navid NG navid.ghajarnia[at]
Golland, Ami Resilience Centre ami.golland[at]
Goldenberg, Romain NG romain.goldenberg[at]
gordon, line Resilience Centre line.gordon[at]
Gotthard, Karl Zootis karl.gotthard[at]
Greiser, Caroline DEEP caroline.greiser[at]
Gullström, Martin DEEP martin.gullstrom[at]
Gunnarson, Björn NG bjorn.gunnarson[at]
Gylfe, Eva IGV eva.gylfe[at]
Haider, Lisbeth Jamila Resilience Centre jamila.haider[at]
Hailu, Beyene Zewdie DEEP beyene.hailu[at]
Hambäck, Peter DEEP peter.hamback[at]
Harmackova, Zuzana Resilience Centre zuzana.harmackova[at]
Hedlund, Johanna Resilience Centre johanna.hedlund[at]
Hichens-Bergströ, Marit NG marit.hichens-bergstrom[at]
Higgins, Lindsey NG lindsey.higgins[at]
Hugelius, Gustaf NG gustaf.hugelius[at]
Humphreys, Aelys M. DEEP aelys.humphreys[at]
• Hylander, Kristoffer (CL) DEEP kristoffer.hylander[at]
Johansson, Maria DEEP maria.u.johansson[at]
Johansson, Max NG max.johansson[at]
Jakobsson, Simon NG simon.jakobsson[at]
Joshi, Somya DSV somya[at]
• Kalantari, Zarah (CL) NG zahra.kalantari[at]
Kapás, Rozália NG rozalia.kapas[at]
Karami, Pasha SMHI, Rossby Centre pasha.karami[at]
Katrantsiotis, Christos NG christos.katrantsiotis[at]
kaveh, Madani NG kaveh.madani[at]
Kirago, Leonard ACES Leonard.Kirago[at]
Koh, Niak Sian Resilience Centre niak.koh[at]
Koutsouris, Alexander NG alexander.koutsouris[at]
Krusell, Per IIES per.krusell[at]
Kuiper, Jan Resilience Centre jan.kuiper[at]
Lade, Steven Resilience Centre steven.lade[at]
Lang, Karl IGV karl.lang[at]
Leimar, Olof Zootis olof.leimar[at]
Lessard Therrien, Malie DEEP malie.lessard[at]
• Lindborg, Regina (CL) NG regina.lindborg[at]
Lindell, Ilda KB ilda.lindell[at]
Lindgren, Jessica NG jessica.lindgren[at]
Livsey, John NG john.livsey[at]
Machotka, Ewa Dept. of Asian, Middle Eastern
and Turkish Studies
Manzoni, Stefano NG stefano.manzoni[at]
Martella, Giulia ACES Giulia.Martella[at]
Matsubara Pereira, Felipe ACES Felipe.Matsubara[at]
Merinero, Sonia DEEP sonia.merinero[at]
Mohr, Claudia ACES claudia.mohr[at]
Morén, Björn IGV bjorn.moren[at]
Moshir Panahi, Davood NG This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mörtberg, Ulla KTH mortberg[at]
Nonak, Etsuko DEEP etsuko.nonaka[at]
Nurihun, Biruk Ayalew DEEP biruk.nurihunatat[at]
Nyasulu, Maganizo Kruger Resilience Centre kruger.nyasulu[at]
Nylin, Sören Zootis soren.nylin[at]
Ospina, Daniel Resilience Centre, KVA daniel.ospina[at]
Page, Jessica NG[at]
Pasanen-Mortensen, Marianne Zootis marianne.mortensen[at]
Pawlowski, Katharina DEEP katharina.pawlowski[at]
Paz, Alfonso Zootis alfonso.paz.luna[at]
Peillod, Alexandre IGV alexandre.peillod[at]
Pesquet, Edouard DEEP edouard.pesquet[at]
Piemontese, Luigi Resilience Centre luigi.piemontese[at]
Pietron, Jan NG Jan.Pietron[at]
Porkka, Miina Resilience Centre miina.porkka[at]
Prieto, Carmen NG carmen.prieto[at]
Proske, Beate DEEP beate.proske[at]
Radosavljevic, Sonja Resilience Centre sonja.radosavljevic[at]
Rasmussen, Pil DEEP pil.rasmussen[at]
Rocha, Eva NG eva.rocha[at]
Rocha Gordo, Juan Resilience Centre, KVA juan.rocha[at]
Rosqvist, Ninis Gunhild NG gunhild.rosqvist[at]
Roth, Nina NG nina.roth[at]
Sannel, Britta NG britta.sannel[at]
Scaini, Anna NG anna.scaini[at]
Schubert, Marian DEEP marian.schubert[at]
Schlyter, Peter NG peter.schlyter[at]
Schlüter, Maja Resilience Centre maja.schlueter[at]
Schneider, Ramona NG ramona.schneider93[at]
Seifollahi, Samaneh NG samaneh.seifollahi[at]
Singh, Chandrakant Resilience Centre chandrakant.singh[at]
Skånes, Helle NG helle.skanes[at]
Slodownik, Miriam Andrea IGV m.a.slodownik[at]
Staal, Arie Resilience Centre arie.staal[at]
Stelkens, Rike Zootis rike.stelkens[at]
Stoessel, Marianne NG marianne.stoessel[at]
Sörensen, Johanna LTH johanna.sorensen[at]
Tack, Ayco DEEP ayco.tack[at]
Valdés, Alicia DEEP alicia.valdes[at]
von Schmalensee, Loke Zootis loke.von.schmalensee[at]
Wagner, Julia NG julia.wagner[at]
Wang-Erlandsson, Lan Resilience Centre[at]
Watts, Hannah NG hannah.watts[at]
Westerberg, Lars-Ove NG lars-ove.westerberg[at]
Wikman-Svahn, Per KTH perwi[at]
Wilcke, Renate SMHI, Rossby Centre renate.wilcke[at]
Wong, Grace Resilience Centre grace.wong[at]
Wood, Amanda Resilience Centre amanda.wood[at]
Wu, Desheng Stockholm Business School desheng.wu[at]
Wu, Minchao SMHI, Rossby Centre minchaowu.acd[at]
Zamora Terol, Sara DEEP szamoraterol[at]
Åhlén, David DEEP david.ahlen[at]
Åhlén, Imenne NG imenne.ahlen[at]
Österlin, Carl NG carl.osterlin[at]


Aarhus UD – Department of Geoscience, AARHUS University, Denmark
ACES – Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry
ARKLAB – The Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies
Baltic Sea Centre
CL – Co-Leader
DEEP – Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Science
DSV – Department of Computer and systems Sciences
EAPS – Earth Atmospheric Planetary Sciences
IGV – Department of Geological Sciences
IIES – Institute for International Economic Studies
KG – The Department of Human Geography
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
LTH – Lund University
MATH – Department of Mathematics
MISU – Department of Meteorology
NG – Department of Physical geography
NRM – The Swedish Museum of Natural History
Resilience Centre – Stockholm Resilience Centre
RIHN – Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Royal Holloway University of London
SEED – Sustainable Developmend, Environmental Engineering and Technology
SEI – Stockholm Environment Institute
SBS – Stockholm Business School
SGU – Geological Survey of Sweden
Stockholm Resilience Centre
SH – Södertörns University
SMHI – Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
SU – Stockholm University
The Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies
UU – Uppsala University
Zootis – Department of Zoology



Bolin Centre for Climate Research
A collaboration between Stockholm University, KTH and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute | Web administrator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.