Welcome to a one-day workshop ”Pathways to new collaborations in climate research at Stockholm University: Perspectives from the Human Science Academic Area and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research”

We welcome researchers at Stockholm University in either Human Sciences or Natural Sciences with an interest in climate or other issues related to the Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), to attend this workshop. The SDGs are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations, read more. The aim for the workshop is to explore new collaborative projects and to plan for how funds can be used most effectively. Approximately 1–1.5 MSEK are available for such new collaborative projects.
We invite you to present your area of interest in a speed talk (max. 5 min). The purpose of the speed talks is to identify new avenues of collaboration in the follow-on discussions. It would be helpful if, as part of your talk, you flag which SDGs interest you most. Please indicate if you would like to give a speed talk on the registration form.
We are also looking for colleagues who are willing to be theme leaders during the workshop. Theme leaders can select one or several SDGs of their choice, and will lead discussions emanating around the specific chosen SDGs during a mingle & discussion session. If you are interested to act as theme leader during the workshop, please indicate this on the registration form. Please do not hesitate to contact Alasdair Skelton, Nina Kirchner and/or Annika Burström should you have any questions regarding theme leadership during the workshop.

Preliminary workshop schedule

09.15–09.45 Registration and fika
09.45–10.00 Welcome by the organizers
10.00–12.00 Speed talks by registered participants
12.00–13.00 Lunch
13.00–14.30 Discussion – Mingle with coffee and sweets
around “SDG-tables”
14.30–14.45 Short break
14.45–15.15 "SDG-table" leaders report back to all participants
15.15–16.15 Round table discussion on funding
16.15–16.30 Closing remarks

Deadline for registration: Friday 26 January, 2018.
Registration fee: None
Registration form: https://simplesignup.se/event/125327-workshop-perspectives-from-the-human-science-academic-area-and-the-bolin-centre
Venue: Nordenskiöldsalen and U37 Geoscience Building at Frescati, Svante Arrhenius väg 8,  Stockholm University

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Karin Helander, Nina Kirchner, Alasdair Skelton and Annika Burström

Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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