The aim of the workshop is to discuss the future research activities within RA8.

Issues that we want to bring up include:

What research are we currently involved in?

  • How can this research be further developed by the new projects just, or soon to be, started?
  • How can our research benefit from collaborations, within RA8 as well as with other partners?
  • Are any key areas missing from the research that one would expect to be carried out within the field of “Biodiversity and climate”?
  • What are the best strategies to build research environments that can attract external funding and be maintained over longer time?
  • Which activities within RA8 are best suited to serve these purposes?

The meeting will consist of three main parts: inspirational presentations by two invited external speakers, presentations of ongoing research by members of RA8 with plenty of time for feedback, and discussions (partly in groups).

To the workshop, we have invited Susan Harrison, UC Davis, California, USA, and Tomas Roslin, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, and both have confirmed that they will attend.

Susan Harrison, UC Davis, California, USASusan Harrison’s research seeks to understand the processes that shape and maintain plant species diversity at the landscape scale. Much of her recent work focuses on the impacts of climatic drying on grassland community diversity. For more info about Susan’s research, see:



Tomas Roslin, SLUTomas Roslin’s research focus on insects as the building blocks of food webs worldwide. He is particularly interested in how insect food webs are built from first principles, and in the relationship between the structure and functioning of such interaction webs. For more info about Tomas’ research, see:



The work-shop is planned to run from lunch 6 February to lunch 7 February. It will be held at the research station Tovetorp, situated approximately 100 km south of Stockholm.

More detailed information will follow but we ask you to mark the dates in your calendar already now.


Sara Cousins – Dep. of Physical Geography, Stockholm University
Karl Gotthard – Dep. of Zoology, Stockholm University
Johan Ehrlén – Dep. of Ecology, Environment and Plant sciences, Stockholm University

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