12.00 | Welcome – Main issues in climate compensation

• Alasdair Skelton and Kevin Noone, Stockholm university

12.30 | Presentations – perspectives on climate compensation

• Mathias Fridahl, Linköping Univeristy – An introduction to the net-zero by 2045 strategy "The road to a climate-positive future”
• Maria Johansson, Stockholm University – Carbon Offsetting, does it work? with a focus on Carbon Forestry

[Short Break]

• Christoph Beuttler, Climeworks – Capturing CO2 from air in Iceland
• Jenny Wickström, Vi-Skogen – Carbon offset through agroforestry and sustainable agriculture land management


14.15 | Workshop and break-out groups

• What are the main drivers of organisations’ interest in pursuing climate compensation?
• What is important to consider when discussing and evaluating climate compensation as a measure?
• What role can climate compensation play in the transition to a carbon neutral society? How does climate compensation relate to other considerations and dimensions of the transition?
• Going forward, what is needed in terms of knowledge, resources and practice, for climate compensation to play a role in the transition?

15.00 | Wrap-up and next steps

15.30 | End of workshop


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