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Policy Briefs

The Climate Arena has together with Bolin Centre scientists put together Policy Briefs for policy-makers, decision-makers, and individuals who are interested in formulating or influencing policy related to the climate. These Policy Briefs aim at providing a concise summary of a particular climate-related issue together with some recommendations on the best options going forward.

Condensation trails. Photo: Kevin Noone, Stockholm University

Aviation, climate, and the “high altitude effect"

The public discussion of what effects aviation has on climate – and how to minimize these effects – has been confusing. Part of this confusion comes from an incomplete understanding of what the effects are and how they work. However, a substantial part of the confusion arises from a lack of clarity and consistency in what is being discussed. This policy brief aims at reducing the confusion by trying to be clearer about exactly what is being discussed and compared in regards to aviation’s influence on climate.