The Bolin Days 2020 makes scientific discussions possible in a virtual manner. For you to get the most out of the event, we recommend that you use the functions for two-way communication.

Participation in the Bolin Days will be via the platform Agorify and Zoom. Please make sure to download the Zoom client to your desktop, and have at least the Zoom 5.0 update. If you are registered for the event, you will receive an event code and a link to Agorify via e-mail prior to the Bolin Days. In Agorify you find the poster exhibition, Zoom links to all sessions, breakout rooms and virtual mingle. You can also get in direct contact and chat with speakers as well as attendees and organizers via the chat function.

In other words, the Agorify platform will be the main stage of the Bolin Days, and all you need will be found here. The functions of the platform are intuitive, but if you need further instructions, you find it below.

Participation instructions

There is no need for this virtual event to imply passive viewers. Instead, there are multiple functions for an active involvement for all participants. Below, the functions of the platform are described with advice on how to get the most out of the event.

Agenda, Zoom links and breakout sessions

First up on the page is the agenda. Under "Upcoming Sessions" you can see all the items of the Bolin Days. To attend your chosen sessions, simply click the item and you will be re-directed via a Zoom link to the session. When you follow the Zoom link, you will leave the Agorify platform and join the Zoom webinar. In the Zoom webinar you can use the Q&A or “Raise your hand” functions to ask your questions.

Certain items of the agenda will take place in Zoom breakout session format, i.e. Zoom lunchrooms, Breakout sessions and Virtual mingle. These are sessions that allow you to get in direct contact with each other via microphone and video to allow for discussion. When you choose these items, you will find a link for a Zoom meeting. Each of these items will contain several so-called Breakout rooms, which are separate rooms divided by discussion topic you can choose between as you enter the Zoom meeting. We recommend you have the Zoom client installed. If you are new to Zoom, please check instructions here.

Poster exhibition

Below the agenda you will find the poster exhibition. When you click on a poster, you can choose to see the poster enlarged, read its description, watch PICO presentations and chat directly with the poster exhibitor.

Chat with attendees, speakers and start discussions

Finally, in Agorify you can find attendees and speakers on the bottom of the event page and chat with them directly. Take the opportunity to do so! You can also create discussions at the bottom of the page that everybody in the event can take part.

Questions? Welcome to contact and/or