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Bolin Centre Climate Arena Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to find ways for businesses and organisations to profile their climate work that are in line with climate research.


•13.00–13.20 Welcome

Climate profiling from the perspective of climate research | Alasdair Skelton, Stockholm University

•13.20–13.40 Research findings | Matilda Ågren Hernvald, Stockholm University

•5 min. leg stretcher

•13.45–14.45 Industry perspectives

Moderator: Kevin Noone, Stockholm University. 5-min. responses on approaches to profiling climate work followed by a panel discussion. Speakers:

– Magnus Persson, Swedavia
– Gofi Aldstam, SVOA
– Mia Edofsson, Akademiska hus
– Magnus Breitholtz, Stockholm University
– Kaj Török, Max Burgers
– Karin Amnå, ICA

•15 min Break

•15.00–15.30 Workshop and break-out groups | Discussion: How can an organization profile its climate work?

•15.30–16.00 Reports from break out rooms and joint discussion

Moderator: Kevin Noone, Stockholm University

•16.00–16.15 Wrap-up

•16.15 End of workshop