A national program to promote new collaborative arenas has been financed by Vinnova. The Bolin Centre Climate Arena is the arena that Stockholm University has prioritized.

The Bolin Centre Climate Arena aims to support cross-sector work aimed at “bending the curve” of climate change by:

  • developing long lasting relations between academic, public, business and policy sectors,
  • enhancing the impact and utilisation of knowledge and research, and
  • promoting climate education for the future.

Our climate arena is a forum for exchange of ideas about how to effectively reduce our negative impact on climate and the environment. This is done bringing together researchers, students, companies, organisations and other stakeholders in society. The climate arena will contribute to the strategic goal of the Bolin Centre: to create and communicating climate science, while at the same time initiating new collaborations and opportunities for attracting future funding.
So far, our partners include the City of Stockholm Swedish Environmental Agency, Jernkontoret, Snowflake education, SEI, FUF Association for development issues, Preem, Husstainability, The Swedish Museum of Natural History, Index Foundation, Svensk Betong, Svensk åkerinäring, Tillväxtverket, Skarl AB, Johannas Stadsodlingar AB, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, Ericsson, Svensk dagligvaruhandel, CybercCom , Stockholm Water and Waste, Swedish transport agency, DNV GL, Region Stockholm, Klimatberedningen, Klimatriksdagen
Elisabeth Däcker is the Bolin Centre contact for this project. Please contact Elisabeth if you would like to join and/or if you have any thoughts or questions, elisabeth.dacker@geo.su.se

Climate Arena Project Summary | In Swedish

Kunskapsutbyte och gemensam problemlösning – en projektsammanfattning (190 Kb)

Climate Arena Policy Briefs

The Climate Arena has together with Bolin Centre scientists put together Policy Briefs for policy-makers, decision-makers, and individuals who are interested in formulating or influencing policy related to the climate. These Policy Briefs aim at providing a concise summary of a particular climate-related issue together with some recommendations on the best options going forward.

  • Aviation, climate, and the "high altitude effect" | October, 2020 (918 Kb) | October 2020
    The public discussion of what effects aviation has on climate – and how to minimize these effects – has been confusing. Part of this confusion comes from an incomplete understanding of what the effects are and how they work. However, a substantial part of the confusion arises from a lack of clarity and consistency in what is being discussed. This policy brief aims at reducing the confusion by trying to be clearer about exactly what is being discussed and compared in regards to aviation’s influence on climate.
  • Making an educated decision about carbon offsetting (1199 Kb) | November 2020
    The function of this policy brief is multifaceted, it provides you as a policy-maker with the information needed to navigate decisions on policies concerning carbon offsetting. If you are a decision maker, it can aid you in your effort to reduce the carbon footprint of your organization or business. It can also help you as an individual in deciding on actions, such as compensating for a flight.
  • Att fatta ett genomtänkt beslut om Klimatkompensation (1088 Kb) | November 2020
    Denna policy brief har flera syften. Den ger dig som beslutsfattare ett underlag för att fatta politiska beslut grundad i vetenskap gällande klimatkompensation. Om du är verksam inom en organisation eller ett företag, så kan detta underlätta arbetet att minska verksamhetens koldioxidavtryck. Policy briefen kan även hjälpa dig som individ att fatta personliga beslut, som till exempel handlar om kompensering för en flygresa.


Climate Arena Workshop Reports

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