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Research at the Bolin Centre for Climate Research

Up until the end of 2021, the research was structured into 8 multi-disciplinary research areas. (Read more about them here: Multi-disciplinary research areas.) At present, the Bolin Centre is being reorganized into 4 Research themes with the following working titles:

Research theme 1 – The physical-chemical climate system

Research theme 1 addresses some of the major knowledge gaps in the physical-chemical climate system. Covering a range of scales, we study...

Research theme 2 – Water, biogeochemistry and climate

Research theme 2 studies the coupled water and biogeochemical cycles and their interactions with climate and society over multiple spatial and temporal scales.

Research theme 3 – Past climates

Research on past climates encompasses climate variability on tectonic, orbital, millennial, centennial and historical timescales. We use a wide...

Research theme 4 – Climate, ecosystems and biodiversity

Research on climate, ecosystems and biodiversity at the Bolin Centre aims to understand how climate affects ecological, evolutionary and biophysical processes, as well as their possible feedbacks on climate and ...


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