Dear PhD students and Postdocs,

The Bolin Centre Climate Research School is organizing a PhD-day on November 4th exclusively for PhD-students and postdoctoral researchers.

Programme (194 Kb) for the PhD-day

This is an opportunity to meet your colleagues and to practice communicating your work with a presentation or poster – or both.

There will be a Presentation Competition for regular presentations and the best presentations will be awarded the following amount of money for research:

  • 1st price: 20 000 SEK
  • 2nd price: 10 000 SEK
  • 3rd price: 5 000 SEK

Since we don´t know how the situation will be during the fall we are planning to have it as an onsite-venue as well as on Zoom for those who cannot attend in person.

Apart from the PhD presentations during the day, there will be a healthy, climate smart lunch as well as a dinner to conclude the event.

A final schedule for the event will be sent out October 25.

Hope to see you all on November 4th!

Participation deadline: October 15.

Paricipation notification and submission of presentation title to:

And with notification please specify:

  • If you would like to participate onsite or by zoom
  • If you would like to do a presentation or poster (or both)
  • If you will join the dinner
  • If you have allergies

Guides for presentations and poster:

Templates for presentations and posters:

Very welcome

Carmen and Otto