Linux command lines
Image: Otto Hermelin


April 6 - June 3, 2021

In this course, students will be introduced to an array of powerful open-source geocomputation tools and machine learning methodologies under Linux environment. Students who have never been exposed to programming under linux are expected to reach the stage where they feel confident in using very advanced open source data processing routines. Students with a precedent programming background will find the course beneficial in enhancing their programming skills for better modelling and coding proficiency. Our dual teaching aim is to equip attendees with powerful  tools as well as rendering their abilities of continuing independent development afterwards. The acquired skills will be beneficial, not only for GIS related application, but also for  general data processing and applied statistical computing in a number of  fields. These essentially lay the foundation for career development as a data scientist.


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Application deadline: March 7

To apply: Please send an email to with your name and affiliation - and state "Geocomputation + your name" in the subject heading.