A block of ice on a black lava beach on Iceland
Ice on the beach at Jökulsárlón, Iceland. Photo: Otto Hermelin

December 6 - January 14, 2022

This course aims to explore the meaning and history of the Anthropocene Era, what makes it different from previous times, and what this new era means for how we deal with “wicked” problems in the Anthropocene. It covers topics such as elemental cycles and paleoclimatology, aspects of human history and anthropology, topics in behavioral science and economics, transdisciplinary approaches to research and planning, and ethical issues through a number of different lenses. This course gives you a great opportunity to explore and learn about the problems faced by society today.


Las day for application: November 27

Course schedule for: MtA - schedule HT21 (67 Kb)

Contact: kevin.noone@aces.su.se

To apply: Please send an email to bolincrs@su.se with your name and affiliation - and state "Anthropocene + your name" in the subject heading.