Water falls. Photo by Karin Jonsell

Water and climate are closely interlinked. This is manifested through the highly heterogeneous terrestrial water cycle, and its water exchanges with the atmosphere and the oceans through precipitation, evapotranspiration, surface water flows and groundwater flows. This research area studies the mutual feedback between climate and water circulation in the crust and its hydrological basins and at different timescales and spatial scales. Reflections and projections of climate-driven changes in coupled surface water-groundwater systems, sediments, the terrestrial cryosphere and ecosystems are considered. In addition to climate change, terrestrial hydrology changes have also other drivers, such as changes in land use, vegetation and water use, which to large extent are related to human activities, and directly affect evapotranspiration, regional climate and atmospheric circulation. We furthermore explore how hydro-climatic changes can influence travel times, transport and attenuation of different water-borne substances including contaminants in various hydrological, geological and environmental reservoirs.

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