areal view of a lake and some green fields.

Climate is an important regulator of the distribution and function of the world’s ecosystems. Besides the human induced climate change other kinds of anthropogenic activities impact terrestrial, limnic and marine environments across the earth. Thus, to understand the effects of climate change we need to study the integrated effects of changes in climate, land-use, water-use and other human induced changes.

We gather natural and social scientists to study the effects of climate change on ecosystems including its abiotic and biotic components and integrated effects on human well-being like using the ecosystem services concept. The focus is both on fundamental questions of how natural and anthropogenic processes at multiple scales play out in the landscape and on how the society can respond to this for example by adaptive governance. We are interested in climate and climate change projections on various relevant scales for different processes and for land-use, water-use and natural resource management and governance.


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