Biogeochemical cycles and climate | RA4

announces a call for research projects on biogeochemical cycles and climate with application deadline on April 24th. We welcome research projects with a budget up to 100,000 SEK. Projects that propose longer-term commitments (e.g. to establish time-series of measurements), with the total sum distributed over several years will also be considered. Applications for launching new initiatives (“seed money”) with synergies to ongoing research or new collaborations between units in the Bolin Centre are encouraged. We will not prioritize applications for travel to conferences or similar.

We particularly encourage projects relevant to the RA4 flagship area “Matching bottom-up and top-down approaches for scaling greenhouse gas balances”. Current estimates of global biogeochemical budgets suffer from poor convergence of top-down versus bottom-up scaling approaches. Scientific challenges include poor coverage of greenhouse gas measuring stations as well as poorly constrained estimates of the extent and dynamics of important natural or managed greenhouse gas sources and sinks, such as wetlands, permafrost, agricultural land, coastlines and coastal oceans. Under this broader topic, RA4 proposes to support projects which estimate temporal and spatial variability of greenhouse gas exchange or carbon balances in aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Submit an application via email to and The application should be 1–2 pages and include these headings: Summary and research questions, Background, Method, Synergies to ongoing research and Budget. Include a short CV for the main applicant.

Sincerely, Gustaf and Volker