Participants at the Kick off meeting in Helsinki. Photo by Tarmo Virtanen
Participants at the Kick off meeting in Helsinki March 27–28. Photo by Tarmo Virtanen


Arctic Avenue is a new spearhead research project between the University of Helsinki and Stockholm University. To boost already existing excellent cooperation, the two universities have decided to join forces trough Arctic Avenue during 2019–2021.

Arctic Avenue is led by Associate Professor Nina Kirchner at Stockholm University and Professor Atte Korhola at the University of Helsinki. The project is funded with a total of €600.000, split evenly between the two universities.

By joining forces, we are able to create an attractive hub for Arctic research with cutting-edge research that connects different disciplines and units at both universities. Both universities have excellent research infrastructure, including Arctic research stations.

Arctic Avenue will support our expertise to reach the absolute top international level. We will get a more comprehensive understanding of the factors and processes that are involved in a changing Arctic. This will enable us to draft forecasts for the future as well. Our collaboration also recognizes that each partner contributes with different strengths and expertise. Combining them in a complementary way is central to achieving a better understanding of the changing Arctic. It also creates a thriving scientific environment in which young researchers can grow and be supported by Arctic Avenue.

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Tarfala lake. Photo: Annika Granebeck
Tarfala lake. Photo: Annika Granebeck