Arctic Summer Cloud-Ocean Study

Bubble Spectra

bubble spectra data ASCOS

This files contains the standard bubble spectra as matlab structure.
A 2 minute averaged spectra was recorded every 15 minutes while the open lead site was manned.
The time stamp is for the start of the two minute averging period.

Instrument the Mini-Bubble measuring system (owned by Gerrit de Leeuw, Helsinki).
It provides 20 size bins between 30 and 1500micrometer diameter.

The fields are:
dNdD : [121x20] each two minute bubble spectra in dN/dD format (units micrometer per m3)
date_vector : [121x6] date and time in matlab vector format
date_serial : [121x1] date and time in matlab serial format
mean_diameter : [20x1] mean diamter of each bubble bin size
DOY : [121x1] day of year

Note the spectra have been quality controlled for bad data.

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Author: Sarah Norris
Date: Tuesday 18 August 2009, 11:34
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