Arctic Summer Cloud-Ocean Study

Oden's weather station

The file zip-file OdenWeatherStation contains ascii and matlab (struct) versions of the data from the Oden weather station that contains reasonably cleaned up and QC:ed data. Unreasonable values have been replaced by NaN. Some of this QC was performed by comparison to the WeatherPak and metalley data, but outisde of the ice camp, a fair amount of subject judgement was applied. Whenever in doubt data has been retianed, so use with some care. 

The data in the file is:

1:  Regular UTC time (DoY_UTC)
2:  Local solar time (DoY)
3:  Year
4:  Month
5:  Day
6:  Hour
7:  Minute
8:  Latitude (deg)
9:  Longitude (deg)
10: Ships speed over ground (knots)
11: Ships course over ground (deg)
12: Ships heading (deg)
13: Wind direction relative to ships bow (deg)
14: Wind speed relative to ship (m/s)
15: Corrected true wind direction (deg)
16: Corrected true wind speed (m/s)
17: West-easts wind speed component (m/s)
18: South-north wind speed component (m/s)
19: Air temperature (degC)
20: Relative humidity over liquid water (%)
21: Relative humidity over ice (%)
22: Specific humidity (g/kg)
23: Visibility (km)
24: Measured pressure (hPa)
25: Surface pressure reduced using normal atmosphere (hpa)
26: Surface pressure reduced using actual atmosphere (hpa)
27: Pressure tendency measured over past 3 hours (hPa/3h)


Author: Michael Tjernström
Date: Friday 17 July 2009, 16:20
Original web address: