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About the data

Data updates

Data on this site is updated intermittently since many measurements are made and measurement sites are visited only once or a couple of times per year. Data from a particular calendar year will be completely updated by the end of February the following. Data cannot be expected to be provided upon request due to time and personnel constraints.


Please read this carefully, your use of our data implicitly assumes full awareness of the information below.

Data on this site is available as is and without warranty of any kind.

Data is collected with different frequency through out the year and in some instances only once a year. Some data are used in research projects and not released until the project is completed. Data made available on this site are subject to change from revisions made by personnel at the Research Station without warning or notification (other than on this site). This is particularly true for mass balance data that can be revised through recalculation. We therefore urge users to always download the latest data from this site and not use old data sets downloaded at some earlier time or to update data sets by adding new numbers to older data sets.

Data is provided without error bars. Because of budgetary and personel constraints our sensors are not calibrated or serviced as frequently as required by official meteorological stations. Sensors are also exchanged without notice. Data sets may therefore contain minor inconsistencies and offset problems.

Use of data from Tarfala Research Station is free for non-commercial use. However, when data is used in publications, acknowledgement must explicitly be made to Tarfala Research Station and by using the doi-number of the data set. Reprints of work using Tarfala Research Station data should also be sent (at the authors expense) to the station for archival purposes. Please contact Tarfala Research Station (tarfala@natgeo.su.se) questions regarding the data.