Tarfala Data

Digital elevation model and map data

Digital elevation model (DEM) data of the Tarfala valley and glaciers are available from three sources: maps made through Tarfala Research station, maps made by researchers and deposited here, and data available through other national and international data sources.

Tarfala Research Station data

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Research data

  • Rassepautasjtjocka massif. (Base analog map made by Peter Jansson and Stig Jonsson, DEM based on the analog map made by Margareta Johansson)
  • Salajekna map (Per Klingbjer)
  • Sälkaglaciären map (Per Klingbjer)

Other data sources

Lantmäteriet, The Swedish Land Survey, provides digital elevation models and maps commercially and under license. Please visit their web-site for further enquiries.

Coarser digital elevation data is available from the US Geological Survey (USGS), for example GTopo30 (30 arc-second resolution), GTopo2.


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