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Atmospheric Science AO2018 ASCOS Aerosol Science Aerosol physical properties Aerosol-Cloud-Interaction 2018 Aerosols Age model Air pollution Aitken mode particles Arctic Ocean Arctic Ocean 2018 Arctic boundary layer Arctic clouds Atmosphere Atmospheric Chemistry Atmospheric Physics Bathymetry Beijing Biomarkers Black carbon Bulk carbonate Carbon and oxygen isotopes Carbon dioxide reconstructions Carbon isotopes Cations Chemistry China Climate Climate model Cloud fractions Cloud-base heights Clouds Coastal wetland Concentrations Conservation needs Critical transitions Daily data Diatoms Early Holocene Early instrumental data Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ecosystems Emissions Ensemble simulations Gas phase Geochemistry Geophysics Gialova lagoon Glaciers Glaciology Greece Guangzhou High Arctic Himalaya Hydrogen isotopes Hydrography Hässeldala Icebreaker Oden India Indo-Gangetic Plain Ion induced nucleation Ions Isotopes Kilombero Valley Lake sediments Large-eddy simulations Late Miocene-early Pliocene Lateglacial Lithostratigraphy MOCCHA Management suggestions Marine Geology Marine ecosystems Marine geology Meteorology Microbiology-Ocean-Cloud-Coupling in the High Arctic Micrometeorology Multi-core Multi-proxy Multibeam NAIS Natura 2000 Navarino Environmental Observatory Neoproterozoic glaciations Neutral cluster and air ion spectrometer New particle formation North Pole Ocean biology Ocean chemistry Ocean turbulence Oceanography Oxygen isotopes PM2.5 Percentages Phase transitions Pollen counts Radiation Radiocarbon Radiocarbon dates Radiosoundings Regime shifts SAT 2008 and 2009 expeditions Seafloor morphology Sediment cores Sediment size fractions Shanghai Snow Snowball Earth Social-ecological systems Source apportionment Southern Sweden Species abundance Species richness Stable isotopes Stockholm Sweden Tanzania Tephra Terrestrial ecosystems Tibet Trajectories Ultrafine particles Water Waterbirds Weather forecast Weather observations Weather stations