Research data support at the Bolin Centre


Stockholm University provides two alternatives for data sharing and intermediate storage alternatives for intermediate storage.

  • Sunet Drive, 200 GB per person (which can be extended) as long as you are employed at SU
  • Swestore, 50 TB for climate modelling at the Bolin Centre

Sunet Drive

200 GB free with possibility to extend at Sunet Drive as long as you are employed. We pay ca (1080) 720 SEK per TB and year.

More information about Sunet Drive at Stockholm University


50 TB of temporary storage for up to several years for active projects managed by the Bolin Centre. This storage is intended for data that still needs to be kept, but is not active. Data that can be stored here is large coherent datasets, e.g. raw data from climate model simulations. The data needs to be documented and have an expiry date.

Backup: Copies of the data are stored at two different SNIC centres.


Currently we have 50TB storage on dCache. This resource will most likely be expanded in the future..

Storage policy
  • Only complete model simulations will be stored on Swestore, i.e. coherent large data sets that need to be stored for a long time and reused. The data will be stored based on model/production method, responsible PI, producer and data set, e.g.:



  • A data description README file has to be uploaded which describes the data, along with configuration scripts and namelists.

  • An expiry date for the data set has to be provided, indicating when the data will be deleted or further storage reviewed.

How to use Swestore/dCache