Research data support at the Bolin Centre

Large scale data resources

Many research fields are dependent on access to large scale parallel computing resources and storage. One example is climate modelling, but also large scale data analysis and machine learning activities rely on large storage and data processing capacity.

High-performance computing

The Bolin Centre provides shared computational resources for members working with applications requiring high performance computing (HPC) capacity.

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SNIC Centre storage

400 TB only for active projects, shared by the Bolin Centre at Centre storage at NSC. This is a high performance storage resource for production and processing of data, e.g. from climate models. Only active data should be stored here. Backup: No backup, RAID


50 TB of temporary storage up to several years for active projects managed by the Bolin Centre. This storage is intended for data that still needs to be kept, but is not active. Data that can be stored here is large coherent datasets, e.g. raw data from climate model simulations. The data needs to be documented and have an expiry date.

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Rossby and Bolin Centre data libraries

The Rossby Centre has a large CMIP model-data library, which is continuously expanded with more datasets. Bolin Centre members outside the Rossby Centre are welcome to access and use this data. The Bolin Centre library contains ERA5 reanalysis data, currently close to 10 years of 6 hourly atmospheric vertically resolved fields.

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